About me – Leslie Berry

Leslie Berry helps students since she graduated from school. When she was 18, she has asked herself “Why students don’t know how to write papers correctly?”, and then she decided to help them with this problem. Due to her help, a lot of students start writing their essays and term papers excellently. Her tips help students from all over the world to write qualitative content. 

Leslie got a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts at Oxford University in 2008 and since then started to pursue her English language teacher and freelance writer career. She  teaching writing classes at Massachusetts University for 5 years and was practicing private tutoring at the same time. She has been working with students and helping them write their essays for 7 years and cannot imagine her life without writing classes. That is why she is here to create an online platform where she can share her skills and knowledge with students from all over the Internet.

Her experience in copywriting equals more than 3 years, the count of completed papers – more than 2000. She has excellent knowledge of blockchain, finance, journalism, biology, and other subjects. She is attentive to the content: Leslie re-reads the texts several times, does not allow spam, and avoids inappropriate literary terms. 

Leslie’s project was founded in order to provide students with new thoughts, experiences, and ideas on academic writing. There students will find educational tips, writing samples, helpful study resources, latest educational news, life hacks and much more information concerning essay writing that every college student needs.

Her goal is to make students feel more confident while dealing with academic writing, as well as make their essays high-scored by teachers. She is going to prove students that essay writing can be easy, and that it can be just one more pleasant challenge for them.